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"Beach Buffet"
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Beach Buffet,  Global TRASHformation
      Since 2014 SusieQ has been walking the beach in front of her condo and picking up trash left behind by either visitors to the area, or debris washed up by the ocean tides. Her early morning walks were both a string of joyful sunrises and many filled bags of trash. At first she threw everything away, then she started collecting items of interest. Plastic forks, knives and spoons were some of those items.
      ÓBeach BuffetÓ . . . How lovely to enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach. Sky blue, sand warm, breeze blowing, friends all enjoying the day. There is one spork included in the work; Do you see it? This work represents the wake of items thoughtlessly left behind, including fruit rinds, napkins, and yes, plastic knives, forks and spoons. What harm can one tiny plastic fork do? Ask the marine wildlife that question as they repeatedly ingest small plastic items upon which algae has grown, transforming those pieces into what smells like food to them. Believe you are making a difference each time you set an example, doing your part as an environmental steward.

The background painting is a collaborative painting by a group of Natural Awakenings' publishers during one of their conferences held in Naples, Florida.

      Original on canvas Currently available through Frame 'n Art, Lauderdale by the Sea, $1,400
      Prints are available in various sizes upon request.
Order on aluminum: approximately 24 x 18, $650.

      Visit the gallery in Lauderdale by the Sea, or contact the artist via email SQwood(at)gmail(dot)com or phone 954.630.1610 to purchase this or any of her other artwork.

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